Combined Sewer Overflows

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History of Port Angeles - Combined Sewer Overflows
Presentation by City Engineer Michael Puntenney - October 11, 2011

This presentation characterizes the historic basis of the City of Port Angeles' Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) problem, and the solutions to fix it.

Each city's infrastructure, historically developed differently, has different geographical and geological conditions, are in different economic straits, and each must be evaluated for which solution will work best for that community.

We often read in the press that this is the most expensive project ever undertaken in the city's history, with little emphasis on the elegant, efficient, and economical engineering accomplishment that Brown and Caldwell has created in developing the current CSO designs.

I am certain that this project's estimated cost of just under $40 million feels extremely burdensome to the citizens of Port Angeles, and should not be taken lightly. However, the project's approach is truly the most inexpensive way to solve the problem, which we will show in this presentation.