Building Division

Change of Building Inspector Office Hours

The Buildings inspector will be available during the following days and times for walk-in inquiries, permit questions, and plan comments. Consultations are limited to 15-30 minute increments.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
8:30 A.M. - 10:30 A.M.
(Availability subject to change due to inspections, appointments and other engagements)

For special appointments outside of these hours, please contact the Building Inspector's cell number listed in the "Contact Us" column on the right.
The Building Division is responsible for ensuring that all housing, service-oriented, and commercial development within the City of Port Angeles is mindful of the health, safety and welfare of occupants by meeting  city, state, federal, and international building code and standards. Everything from large industrial uses to a residential deck falls under the Building Division scope of work.

If you are trying to access previous building permits pulled on a specific address, you can find that information with the City Clerk here.

To access the Port Angeles Municipal Code Title 14 - Building and Construction
Click Here.

Port Angeles uses the International Code Council for much of its building regulation. Click here to access the digital version of this regulation.
  1. Building Within Port Angeles
  2. Project Review
  3. Preapplication Meeting
  4. Project Approval
  5. Requirements and Restrictions

The Permitting Process

If you are planning to build anything structural within the Port Angeles city limits, chances are you're going to need a permit. See the Community and Economic Development Department's listing of permit requirements and exemptions here for examples. Permitting the built environment within the city limits ensures that structures meet the most recently developed building code standards.

The review process depends directly on the type of project intended. Some projects are administrative; others invoke State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review through an environmental checklist, which provides opportunity for public comment.

Click on the "Requirements and Restrictions" Tab to learn more about the specific permit you need and the review process.

Click Here For The Waste Water Permitting Process