Sister Cities


In May of 2015, Former Mayor Dan Di Guilio and Councilmember Cherie Kidd traveled to Mutsu City, Japan to participate in the 20th anniversary celebration of the Port Angeles - Mutsu Sister City relationship. They were accompanied by several members of the community, including Dry Creek Elementary school teacher, Lucy Edwards, and Port Angeles High School Seniors Matt Groves and Alyssa Wetzler, all participants in a cultural exchange.

Former Mayor Di Guilio and Councilmember Kidd were in Mutsu for the majority of their stay. They toured Mutsu City Hall, visited the Mutsu Fire Department, and toured Odaira Junior High School. Other highlights of the trip were a cooking class and an evening party with traditional Kimono dressings. They also visited the grave of the former Mayor of Mutsu who passed away in 2014. Former Mayor Di Guilio and Councilmember Kidd also visited Nippon Paper Industries USA.

In preparation for the celebration, gifts were donated to present to people of Mutsu. Members of the Peninsula International Relations Association (PIRA) worked tirelessly to prepare for the visit, collecting art donations from local artists and hosting fund raisers. Mike & Cindy Sofie and Tad Price, all members of PIRA, reached out to the community for assistance in collecting items for the trip.

City Manager Dan McKeen and his wife Jan donated a hand-made quilt that was presented to the City of Mutsu. Also included was a gracious donation from local artist Clark Mundy. Mr. Mundy designed a hand-hammered Elwha Chinook Copper Salmon especially for the occasion. It has Coast Salish crescents and is embellished with a human face. It’s titled ”Seven Generations” and represents his vision of the relationship Port Angeles will continue to have with Mutsu City. Former Mayor Di Guilio presented the copper salmon to the Mayor of Mutsu during the trip.

During their time in Mutsu, members of the Mutsu community hosted Port Angeles travelers in their homes, where they were immersed in Japanese cultures and family traditions.