Building Residential Capacity

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Consultant Makers Architecture will present the Draft to The City's Planning Commission on September 22nd, 2021 at 6:00 pm. Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at their regularly scheduled October 13th, 2021 meeting.

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  1. Project Overview
  2. Initial Findings
  3. About Form-Based Code, Infill Exemptions, and Short Plats
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Project Overview

Why We’re Updating the Code

Port Angeles is growing. By 2036, the population is expected to increase by up to 5,000 residents. In the short-term, however, local construction activity has slowed due to a variety of factors. The current zoning code has limited flexibility for builders and has been identified by some as a barrier to new housing and commercial space for new businesses as Port Angeles evolves.

The City was recently awarded a Washington State Department of Commerce grant to support code changes that increase residential building capacity and address the design of new commercial and residential development. The three specific actions in this project are:

  1. Adopt a form-based code for the City’s five commercial zones that currently permit multi-family housing (these are the CO, CN, CSD, CA, and CBD zones).
  2. Increase the maximum number of lots available for “short plat” subdivisions (Port Angeles currently allows up to four lots, and nine lots are allowed under state law).
  3. Adopt an exemption for environmental review for certain residential or mixed-use infill development (under RCW 43.21C.229). This will involve establishing strategic design provisions that help mitigate impacts of more intensive infill development types (e.g. duplexes, townhouses, mixed-use buildings).

The City has hired MAKERS architecture and urban design to consult and assist on all three actions.

Project Objectives

The City of Port Angeles’ objectives for this project are the following:

  • Adopt a form-based code that emphasis the quality and design of new development while balancing economic feasibility.
  • Encourage and enable the development on more housing of all types and affordability levels throughout the city.
  • Promote and revitalize Downtown by increasing residential units and facilitating economic development.
  • Involve the public and local officials at all stages of the project to ensure the code reflects community priorities and values.
  • Implement the goals and policies of the Port Angeles Comprehensive Plan.

Project Funding

The City is leveraging State grant funding ($50,000) to accomplish this work.

Project Schedule

The project started in fall 2020 and will be completed by fall 2021. Specific steps are shown below.






Project Startup & Initial Presentation

Fall 2020



Staff/Stakeholder Interviews

Dec 2020 – April 2021



Code Analysis

Fall 2020



Preliminary Concepts & Recommendations

April - May 2021



Form-Based Code Public Workshop

June 9 2021 @ 6-8:00 PM

Watch the Workshop


First Draft Code Updates

September 17, 2021



Planning Commission Review & Code/Ordinance Refinements

September - November

Join 9/22 PC Meeting Code Presentation


City Council Adoption Support

December 2021



Scoping for Development Regulations Update

October - December