Short-Term Rentals Within City Limits

Watch the Moratorium for New Short-Term Rentals Public Hearing (Recorded June 6th) 


The City of Port Angeles is embarking on a comprehensive evaluation process to assess the number, location and impacts of short-term rentals on the Port Angeles community. This evaluation will take into account concerns such as housing affordability, neighborhood quality of life, and impact on local businesses. 

Short-Term Rental Moratorium 

As part of this process, the City Council approved an ordinance which imposes a moratorium on the operation of all new short-term rentals within Residential High Density and Residential Medium Density zones. The purpose of the moratorium is to limit the creation of new short-term rentals until an analysis of their impacts is complete and appropriate regulatory measures are in place. 

The moratorium will take effect on June 16, 2023, and remain in place for up to six months. Existing short-term rentals that are compliant with current zoning requirements are not impacted by this moratorium period and may continue operations. 

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