Short-Term Lodging in Port Angeles

Public Outreach Events: Winter Ice Village, December 2023

Winter Ice Village - Dec 28

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Public Outreach Events: Community Workshop, January 2024

January 11 Community Workshop on STRS

Public Outreach Events: Community Workshop, January 2024

Public Outreach Events: Community Workshop, January 2024

Public Outreach Events: Community Workshop, January 2024

2Public Outreach Events: Community Workshop, January 2024

Project Overview

Short-Term Lodging can impact communities in many ways. Short-Term Lodging options provide accommodations to tourists, contribute lodging and sales tax to communities, and are a source of income for residents who own and operate them. Short-Term Lodging can also impact housing attainability for local residents and affect long-term housing stock. In order to balance local economic development and tourism with our community’s long-term housing needs, the City of Port Angeles has initiated updates to its Municipal Code. The goal is to establish a fair and transparent licensing system and more effectively regulate short-term lodging operations, specifically short-term rentals and bed-and-breakfasts, in Port Angeles.  

History of Short-Term Rentals in our City

In 2017, Ordinance 3577 was passed, amending Title 17 of the Port Angeles Municipal Code. This ordinance provided a definition for Short-Term Rentals (STRs) for the first time in Port Angeles’ City history, and also listed STRs as an allowed use in the Residential Medium Density (RMD) zone, Residential High Density (RHD) zone, and in all of the City’s Commercial zones, except for the Commercial Office (CO), where STRs require a Conditional Use Permit. Prior to Ordinance 3577, STRs were excluded as a use and not allowed within city limits. 

Port Angeles Municipal Code Update

For nearly three years, the City has been working to review and update its municipal code. In 2020, the City contracted with Madrona Law Group to examine the entirety of the code, ensuring its compliance with state and federal law, eliminating outdated provisions, and adding new provisions that increase the health, safety, and welfare of our city.  As part of this process, a community survey conducted by the City in 2021 yielded feedback on several critical issues. The regulation of short-term rentals was included, and 55% of respondents felt that some regulation of short-term rentals was necessary.

Since that time, the City has contracted with GovOS, Inc. to perform a detailed analysis of short-term rentals in Port Angeles. The data, now available on the City website (see GovOS Analysis tab below) indicates the number of zoning compliant and non-zoning compliant short-term lodging units in our city, as well as the estimated amount of lodging tax being generated.

Moving forward, the City is proposing robust platform-based regulations for short-term rentals and bed-and-breakfast operations, including a proposed fee structure and licensing program. The initial draft is drawn from jurisdictional best practices across the state including the cities of Bellingham, Gig Harbor, Port Townsend, Seattle and Walla Walla, as well as feedback received from dozens of public comment over the past six months.

  • NEW: 17.23 – Short Term Rentals
  • NEW: 17.24 – Bed and Breakfasts
  • REPEALED: 17.18 – Bed and Breakfasts (to be replaced by Chapter 17.24 PAMC)

Review Proposed Regulatory Measures and Receive Project Updates

To receive project updates by email, please select "News and Announcements" using the City's NotifyMe Service. Use the tabs below to review the full details of this project, including proposed alternatives for short-term lodging regulation. The Short-Term Rental Community Feedback Survey is now closed. To provide your feedback to the City of Port Angeles,  please attend one of several feedback sessions happening this winter. Learn more about the public outreach process by clicking on the "Submit Your Feedback" tab below. 

  1. 2021 Initial Findings
  2. GovOS Analysis
  3. Community Survey Results
  4. Proposed Regulations
  5. Proposed Fee Schedules
  6. Submit Your Feedback
  7. Common Questions

"Envision Port Angeles Municipal Code Update" Community Survey

In 2021, the City of Port Angeles conducted a survey to gather community opinions on several topics, such as business licensing, code enforcement, traffic and parking, short-term rentals, animals, and more. Results showed that 55% of respondents felt that some regulation of short-term rentals is necessary. 

Limited Moratorium

In June 2023, the City Council adopted an ordinance establishing a limited moratorium on certain new short-term rentals. The limited moratorium, which took effect June 16, 2023 and ended on December 16, 2023,  did not ban all short-term rentals within City limits. Instead, its purpose was to prohibit the establishment of new short-term rentals located within Residential Medium-Density and Residential High-Density zones. The The limited moratorium did not impact: 

  • Existing short-term rentals that are compliant with current zoning requirements.
  • New short-term rentals located in commercial zones.
  • The rental of rooms within a house where the owner resides. 
  • Owners who rent out their homes while on vacation or where the entire housing unit is rented out for 30 days or less during the calendar year.

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