Housing in Port Angeles

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Guided by the Housing Action Plan, the City of Port Angeles has developed an array of policies and programs focused on affordable housing. Newly implemented tools, such as the Multi-Family Tax Exemption Program, Permit-Ready Plans Program, Fee Waiver Program, NICE Grants, and Affordable Housing Sales & Use Tax Grants, help to overcome barriers and foster more diverse and accessible housing development in Port Angeles. Our City is collaborating with local builders and developers and engaging with our community to ensure a comprehensive approach to meeting housing needs.  

Our City's Housing Strategy

In 2019, the Port Angeles City Council approved the Housing Action Plan. Developed in collaboration with local stakeholders and shaped by valuable community input, this framework sets forth the comprehensive strategies and guidelines essential to achieving housing accessibility and affordability in our community. Since its approval, Council and staff have worked diligently and thoughtfully to implement measures aimed at addressing housing both immediately and in the long-term. The City remains committed to fostering diverse and accessible housing development with a primary goal: to ensure that all Port Angeles residents have a safe and affordable place to call home.

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For more information, please email City Housing Administrator Ethan Walker at (360) 417-4750 or ewalker@cityofpa.us

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