Current Projects and Plans

This page is dedicated to providing you with information on current civic projects, land use applications being processed, and long range planning and regulatory guidance documents that all benefit from public participation and input.

Land Use Projects Under Review

Contact Planning Staff at (360) 417-4750 or about any inquires related to the below permits currently under review.

SMA Application No. 21-06

Application Type: Substantial Shoreline Development Permit/SEPA Checklist
Application Description: Construct an 80,494 square foot hotel with associated restaurant and parking lot.
Applicant: Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe
Location: 107 West Front Street
Zone: CBD, Central Business District
SMA Application  - Click Here
SEPA Application - Click Here
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STV Application No. 21-47

Application Type: Street Vacation Petition
Application Description: Vacation petition for the southern half of a portion of unimproved 4th Street directly adjacent 1530 West 4th Street
Applicant: Pat and Marc Thomsen
Location: ROW adjacent 1530 West 4th Street
Zone: Not zoned, potential zoning is R7, Residential Lower Density
STV Application - Click Here
SEPA Application - Categorically Exempt per WAC 197-11-800(2)(i)
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CUP Application No. 21-57

Application Type: Conditional Use Permit
Application Description: Expand existing non-conforming utility use to relocate water pump station, including pump station building, generator, and fence.
Applicant: Clallam PUD
Location: S. Golf Course Rd, Parcel # 063014140110
Zone: R9
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MCA Application No. 21-55

Application Type: Municipal Code Amendment
Application Description: Title 14, 15, 16, and 17 Municipal Code Amendments. 1) Adopt an infill exemption under RCW 43.21C.229 for residential or mixed-use development, 2) Increase number of maximum number of lots through a short subdivision process from 4 to 9 lots, and 3) Adopt a form-based code for the City’s commercial zones that currently permit multi-family housing.
Applicant: City of Port Angeles
Location: City Limits
MCA Application - Click Here
SEPA Checklist - Click Here and SEPA DNS: Click Here
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VAR & ESA Application Nos. 21-52 & 56

Application Type: Variance and Environmentally Sensitive Area with SEPA
Application Description: Construction of a single-family residence outside the rear property setback due to the location of a steep slope on the property.
Applicant: Matthew Bailey
Location: 214 E Front Street Parcel No. 0630-0063-1750
Zone: RHD
VAR Application - Click Here
ESA Application - Click Here
SEPA Application - Click Here
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