Roles & Responsibilities

The goal of the Finance Department is to manage and optimize the city's financial affairs and provide professional, knowledgeable, and courteous service to city employees and customers.

Along with general accounting and budgeting services, the Finance Department is also responsible for customer service, centralized switchboard, reprographics, and coordinating and supporting the entire information networking and computer services used by City departments.

Information at your fingertips. Now you can access annual and audit reports, budget information, and learn more about how the City manages its financial resources.

Departmental Objectives

  • Avoid diminishing operating reserves and maintain fund balances at prescribed policy level.
  • Evaluate capital equipment replacement and capital facility support with a long-range plan.
  • Improve financial reporting and budget procedures including performance measures.
  • Minimize potential tax, fee, and utility rate increases while reviewing staff and operations to maximize effectiveness.
  • Update and improve long-range financial projections, data analysis, and trend profiles to facilitate strategic forecasting/plans.

City of Port Angeles Strategic Goals