Public Safety Advisory Board


  • 6 p.m.
  • The third Wednesday of each month
  • Port Angeles Council Chambers
    302 E. Fifth St.
    Port Angeles, WA 98362

Roles & Responsibilities

Members of the Public Safety Advisory Board advise and make recommendations to the city manager, chief of police, and fire chief concerning the provision of public safety services within the city to enhance Police Department and Fire Department-community relations. The board reviews and makes recommendations concerning Police and Fire Department policies, procedures, programs, accreditation standards, and budgetary implications; reviews the qualifications and performance of licensees under Chapter 5.08 of the Port Angeles Municipal Code; and promotes public awareness of the city's Police and Fire services and programs.

It also holds public meetings from time to time to solicit public input regarding public safety services and programs; serves as a liaison between the Police and Fire Departments and the community; apprises the City Council, city manager, chief of police and fire chief of the community's need for public safety services; and encourages individuals and community groups to assist in the police and fire programs and services, including the provision of funds, manpower, and capital.

The Public Safety Advisory Board reviews and makes recommendations concerning such other and further matters as may be referred to the Board, from time to time, by the City Council, city manager, police chief or fire chief; and reviews and makes recommendations regarding legislative changes affecting public safety services in Port Angeles.

Member Criteria

The board shall consist of 12 members, who shall meet the following criteria, provided that a majority of the members shall be city residents:

  • All members shall either be city residents or work or attend school within the city.
  • At least one member shall be a high school student that is recommended by school administration.
  • At least two members shall be owners or managers of businesses located within the city.
  • One member shall be affiliated with an associated EMS agency that operates in the City of Port Angeles.
  • One member shall be a representative from the Port Angeles School District #121.
  • Other members shall be selected, to the extent feasible, to represent diverse segments of the community.
  • Eligibility shall not extend to defendants in any pending criminal matter before the courts, nor to those individuals under active supervision by the Department of Corrections.
  • The chief of police and the fire chief shall serve as advisors to the board.

To apply to the Board, download and send this application to , or mail to 321 East 5th Street, Port Angeles, WA 98362-Attn. City Clerk.  If you have any questions please call 360-417-4634.

Public Safety Advisory Board Application


Alan Barnard - ChairBusiness Owner

Lourene O'Brien - Vice ChairMember at Large
Evan BrownBusiness Owner
Kathleen GrafMember at Large

Alan OmanMember at Large

Shana ScottMember at Large
Kiara SchmittPAFD High School Rep
Kelsey LanePAFD School District Rep
VacantEMS Agency Rep
VacantEnrolled Tribal Member
VacantEnrolled Tribal Member

VacantRepresents Diverse Segments of the Community