Energy Efficiency for Businesses

The City of Port Angeles offers an energy efficiency program broad enough to meet the needs of small and large commercial customers, industrial customers, and institutional customers. The program includes rebates for standard qualified HVAC system and lighting system improvements. There are also incentives for custom projects such as extensive building renovations, industrial processes improvements, or large scale lighting system improvements that include energy efficiency as a goal of the project. For large complex projects, the City may be able to arrange for consultation and guidance from regional energy efficiency experts. 

For standard measures such as HVAC improvements or lighting retrofits, the City maintains a list of City Authorized Contractors (PDF) that can help implement your project and assist you through the rebate process.

See below for more information on our non-residential energy efficiency programs and rebates. If you need assistance or have questions, please contact our staff at (360) 417-4715, or send us an email.

Important Notes: 

  • Minimum energy savings and cost effectiveness thresholds apply to all rebates.
  • All projects must be pre-approved and a formal application must be on file with the City's Conservation department prior to the start of work to qualify for the rebate programs.
  • All projects, once approved, will be subject to guidelines and incentive levels at the time of approval.
  1. HVAC Improvements
  2. Commercial-Industrial Lighting

HVAC Improvements

The moderate marine climate in Port Angeles is a great environment for air source heat pumps. A properly sized and operating heat pump can provide efficient heating and cooling for most buildings in the city. The City of Port Angeles offers rebates for:

  • Converting existing electric heating systems to high efficiency heat pumps;
  • Upgrading existing heat pumps to high efficiency heat pumps; and
  • Installing a ductless heat pump in a building with electric resistance heating system.

Rebates range from $100 to $250 per ton of the rated heating capacity of the new heat pump.

Please contact a City Authorized Contractor (PDF) or send us an email for more information on this program.