Stormwater Utility

NEW! The City of Port Angeles is building a regulatory source control program that will require businesses to take measures to stop water pollution before it enters the stormwater system. The development of this program is a requirement of the Department of Ecology’s Western Washington Phase II Stormwater Permit. To learn more, please visit the dedicated project page.

The Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) is a comprehensive plan designed to reduce the discharge of pollutants from the City of Port Angeles separate stormwater system in order to protect local waters. The SWMP is designed to improve water quality. To learn more, view the Plan here. After reading, you may provide your comments on the Plan.

The Stormwater Utility collects and conveys stormwater received from residential, commercial, and industrial sites. Much of the stormwater in Port Angeles flows through a separate stormwater system that discharges directly into local creeks and the harbor. Stormwater Utility responsibilities include:

  • Managing the City's NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit, with a primary focus on improving water quality
  • Implementing capital projects which relieve flooding, protect the environment, health and safety, and foster economic growth
  • Maintaining existing stormwater facilities such as pipes, catch basins, ponds, and treatment devices

The stormwater system consists of 65 miles of separate stormwater mains and ditches, as well as over 2500 catch basins. View the stormwater system map (PDF) to see details of the system. This Separate Stormwater System is not connected to the Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO).  The Stormwater system drains to both freshwater streams and saltwater locations.   View the stormwater discharge map (PDF) to see receiving water bodies.

What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is rainwater or snowmelt that runs over surfaces such as lawns, roofs, streets, and parking lots. With no action, stormwater can become polluted by litter, dirt, bacteria, chemicals, and oils that it picks up along its journey.

What Citizens Can Do About Stormwater

Protecting our water resources starts with each person, home, building, and work site. For the most part the City's Separate Stormwater System does not treat the stormwater, it simply conveys stormwater through pipes and ditches directly to our creeks and harbor. It's important to prevent stormwater from becoming polluted in the first place.

Citizens play an important role in improving stormwater in Port Angeles:

  • Avoid using fertilizers or chemicals on your lawn, and blowing yard clippings into the street
  • Check your car for leaks that may be running onto pavement
  • Check your home plumbing and/or septic tank to make sure there are no leaks or discharges into the storm drain system
  • Don't litter or dump trash illegally
  • Educate yourself, your family, and your neighbors to be good stewards of the unique environment of Port Angeles and surrounding areas
  • Never dump oils or chemicals into catch basins
  • Pick up all pet waste, even in your backyard
  • Plant bare and graded areas to reduce erosion
  • Report any illegal discharges or other harmful activities to the City hotline at 360-417-4745
  • Wash cars and boats on lawn areas, where the water percolates in, or at a local car wash
  • Build a rain garden to help clean stormwater before it leaves your property

Annual Reports

The Stormwater Utility is required to submit an annual report as a condition of its NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit.
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