City Work Plan

On a daily basis it takes a significant amount of work to provide municipal services to the
citizens and businesses within the City of Port Angeles. The delivery and maintenance of
utilities, provision of public safety services, sponsorship of recreational activities and the
legal, financial, and planning support for each of these are all labor intensive activities
requiring long-term planning and oversight. These services are what most citizens would
probably refer to as “routine” and “expected.” What perhaps is less obvious to the basic
delivery of municipal services are the one-time projects that represent an incredible
amount of work being accomplished “behind the scenes.”

The intent of this Work Plan is to be a communications tool between City Staff and the
Council, by providing a brief synopsis of some of the many projects being worked on
throughout various City Departments. Through this Work Plan, the Council can gain an
understanding of the projects, the objectives of the projects, the rationale behind them,
and where they fit into the overall Council Goals. The Work Plan can also be utilized by
the Council when communicating with the community about the various ongoing projects
throughout the City.