Strategic Plan

In early 2018, City Council agreed to pursue a strategic planning process which led to members of the City Council participating in a Council retreat. The City Council engaged a facilitator to assist in developing a 2 year strategic plan for the City of Port Angeles in order to align vision, goals, and objectives with specific measurable actions that provide direction for this year and next.

The process was facilitated with the help of Casey Reeter. Ms. Reeter has developed strategic plans for the City of Port Townsend, the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, and Jefferson County Economic Development Council as well as several independent retailers and small not-for-profit organizations in Port Townsend. Ms. Reeter designed a draft plan based on the 2017-2019 Council Strategic Plan along with topics that were collectively discussed during the retreat. Ms. Reeter developed a one-page planning document that distills and communicates three key strategic priorities derived from the Comprehensive Plan for the City to focus resources over a two-year period.

Upon receipt of the draft plan, Mayor Bruch and City Manager West worked together to align the measurable outcomes with expressed City Council priorities. On December 18th, City Council held a thirty minute worksession to review and discuss the draft plan. City staff then worked to verify the measurable actions were realistic and achievable within the identified time frames. As a priority to staff, these items were also balanced to ensure an equitable workload across all departments. On January 15, 2019, Council unanimously approved the 2019-2020 Strategic Plan.

2019-2020 Strategic Plan

How does it all tie together?

Comprehensive Plan Graphic

City policy and planning starts with the comprehensive plan which sets a directional foundation for the City including fundamental goals, policies, and objectives that are the basis for all action. The City’s Budget, Long Range Financial Policies and Capital Facilities Plan are all based on and are consistent with comprehensive plan policy. The City's strategic plan is also an implementation and visioning tool of the comprehensive plan, specifically addressing how the City will complete objectives over the next two years, establishing priorities for actions.