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​10/21/2020 @ 6 PM - Public Safety Advisory Board Meeting - Join HERE

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updated 5/28/2020

Why have we implemented Virtual Meetings?

In accordance with Governor Inslee’s Declaration “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, the City of Port Angeles has selected to host virtual meetings via Webex Events until further notice. This allows the City to continue essential and routine business, as outlined by the governor, to provide as many services as we can during this time. The general public and employees who wish to view these virtual meetings can do so by clicking on the links below; please keep in mind that this is a new process and things may change from one meeting to the next.

Since we cannot gather in the council chambers during this time, the public can attend a meeting from almost any device that is connected to the Internet via Webex or YouTube Live. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this new way of hosting virtual meetings!

Live Streaming

Live streaming happens only when a City Council or Public Hearing is in session.

Check the calendar below to see and join upcoming events. All the details to view or listen to a meeting can be found there.

Upcoming Public Meetings

Click "Read More" to access the meeting.

Webex Events

Attending a virtual meeting via Cisco Webex Events is the preferred method. If you choose not to watch using Webex Meetings, you can watch the meeting right here on this page for from the City’s official YouTube Channel.

Please note:

  1. The City does not endorse any videos YouTube may choose to display once the council meeting is over.
  2. The City does not endorse any ads YouTube may choose to display during or after our video feed.
  3. The YouTube Live version does not provide a copy of the agenda alongside the video feed.
  4. You can find a copy of the agenda and minutes by clicking here.
  5. You can find past meetings by clicking here.
  6. Live meetings will be deleted from the YouTube channel once the meeting is placed in the above archive.

More about Cisco Webex Events:

Check out past meetings by clicking here ...

How to make a public comment during a live City Council meeting:

For all other boards and committees, public comment can be made using the Webex video or call-in platform.

At a specified time during the virtual City Council meeting the public can call 425-636-9666.

Public Comment Hotline for 10/20 during City Council only: Access Code: 114895

  • Not all virtual meetings will have a public comment hotline.
  • The Access Code can be found in the calendar details for the specific event you are calling into.

Calling this number will put you into a queue so you can make a live comment.

  • A recorded greeting will inform you about the process, much like what you are reading here.
  • You will be announced by the last four digits of your caller ID.
  • Once taken off mute, please state your name and residence.
  • Normally we ask that comments are held to a 3-minute time limit.
  • If you have joined via Webex or YouTube you must mute the sound on that device as soon as you hear the meeting on your phone.
    • If you only have one phone, you will need to leave the Webex and rejoin it once your turn is over.
    • Please note, this is not the place to listen to the rest of the meeting.
  • The "public comment queue" can only accommodate up to 24 callers at one time, you may need to call back if there are a lot of people in line or if there is more than one comment portion.

Written public comments can be submitted to: comments will not be read aloud but will be made a part of the record.  To provide pre-recorded messages to the City Council by phone, please call 360-417-4504. Messages received will be provided to Council. These messages will be made a part of the record. Comments should be received by 2:00 pm. Tuesday, October 20, 2020.  

Please contact the City Clerk via email at before 2:00 PM PST if you have questions or need further instructions.

Watch the current Live Meeting here: