Parks & Recreation COVID-19 News and Updates


Our office remains closed to the public, but we are still available for assistance. Please call 360-417-4550 or email Please keep in mind, all parks are open, but in as-is condition due to pandemic-related issues and staffing constraints. 

What's Opened and Closed: Parks, Facilities, Services and Amenities

All open spaces, playgrounds and trails, including the Waterfront Trail, are currently open per the guidelines provided by the Governor’s Office, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Centers for Disease Control.

Please see below for information pertaining to our other facilities, services and amenities, including what’s open in Phase 1 and Phase 2 per the "Healthy Washington - Roadmap to Recovery" plan. This plan will be updated if any additional phases or changes are announced by the Governor’s Office.  Please see FAQs below for more information. 

  1. Parks, Trails & Amenities
  2. Facilities, Rentals & Events
  3. Sports Fields & Programs
  4. Oceanview Cemetery
  5. Port Angeles Senior Center

Phase 1 - Open

  • All Parks & Open Spaces (however the front entrance gate to Lincoln Park will remain closed until early Spring 2021)
  • Lincoln Park Dog Park
  • Lincoln Park Disc Golf
  • Lincoln Park BMX Track: open per their organization's guidelines, approved by the Clallam County Health Department and the City of Port Angeles. Please see their website for more information: 
  • Athletic Fields: non-reservable fields, such as Shane Park, Elks Playfield and Lincoln Park, are open for practices and informal recreation
  • Elks, Erickson and Hazel Porter Keil Tennis/Pickleball Courts
  • All playgrounds, with the exception of the Dream Playground (closed for construction)
  • Ediz Hook Boat Launch
  • Erickson Playfield Skate Park
  • Public Restrooms (3) at the Downtown, Gateway and Shane Park locations

Phase 2 – Additional Openings

  • Public Restrooms (3) at the Downtown, Gateway and Shane Park locations (we anticipate reopening additional restrooms with the hiring of seasonal staff in early Spring 2021)
  • Sanikans available at Ediz Hook as of February 16, 2021 

FAQs Parks and Rec

How can I recreate responsibly? 

Please follow the guidelines provided by the Governor's Office, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 

Before You Go

  • Come prepared. You are advised to bring your own hand sanitizer, as well as a mask to cover your nose and mouth. Please note: visitors will find reduced restrooms services at this time. 
  • Keep groups small. Recreation with those outside of your household creates new avenues for virus transmission. The Governor's Office advises a maximum of 10 people from a maximum of 2 households for outdoor social gatherings during Phase 1. 
  • Enjoy the outdoors when healthy. If you have symptoms of fever, coughing, or shortness of breath, save your outdoor adventure for another day. 

When You Get There

  • Avoid crowds. Be prepared to go somewhere else or come back another time if your destination looks crowded.
  • Practice physical distancing.  Keep six feet between you and those outside your immediate household. Launch one boat at a time to give others enough space to launch safely. Leave at least one parking space between your vehicle and the vehicle next to you. Trailer your boat in the same way.
  • Practice personal hygiene: Wash your hands often, cover coughs and sneezes, clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, and throw used tissues in the trash. 

Why are many restrooms still closed? 

Important factors affecting Parks’ level of service include workforce capacity and ability to provide facilities, such as restrooms, in a manner that is safe for our employees and park visitors.  

Restrooms are areas where physical distancing can be challenging. Keeping them sanitized to prevent the spread of the virus requires a higher level of service than we are able to provide due to limited protective supplies and limited staffing.

We anticipate reopening additional restrooms with the hiring of Seasonal Staff in early Spring 2021. 

Visit the Parks & Recreation Directory page for a full list of Park and Facility closures:

You can perform a search for open, partially closed, or completely closed parks and facilities via the “Find A Facility” search function on the left-hand side of the page.

Completely Closed – All parts of this park/facility are closed to the public.
Partially Closed – Some parts of the park/facility are closed to the public. Ex: baseball field, public restroom.
Open – This park/facility functions as it would normally.