Land Use Permits

All land use development permit applications and petitions for the City of Port Angeles are available below. Click on the application image to open the form and fill out the application. The applications are digitally fillable PDF’s and will require Adobe Reader for use outside of this browser. Click on this link to download Adobe Reader. The link will take you outside the City of Port Angeles Website.

Please submit any questions or, when completed, the application and required attachments to

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Conditional Use Type Applications

General Conditional Use

Conditional Use Permit Application

Home Occupation - Administrative

Home Occupation Permit Application

Minor Deviation

Minor Deviation Application

Retail Stand - Administrative

Retail Stand Permit Application

Temporary Use

Temporary Use Permit Application


Variance Permit Application

Environmental Applications

Environmentally Sensitive Area

Environmentally Sensitive Area Permit Application

ESA Exception

Environmentally Sensitive Area Exception Permit Application

Floodplain Development Permit

FDP Thumbnail


Land Use - JARPA

SEPA Cover Page

SEPA State Environmental Policy Act Checklist

SEPA Checklist

SEPA Checklist 11-18-2022

Shoreline Substantial Development

Shoreline Substantial Developement Permit Application

SMA Exemption

Shoreline Permitting Exemption Application


Wetland Permit Application

Land Division/Consolidation Applications

Annexation Petition

Annexation Petition

Binding Site Improvement Plan

BSIP Application Form

Boundary Line Adjustment

Boundary Line Adjustment Application

Short Subdivision - Preliminary

SP Application 8-5-2022

Short Subdivision - Final

SPF Final Short Plat

Street Vacation Petition

Street Vacation Petition Application

Preliminary Subdivision

Preliminary Subdivision Permit Application

Final Subdivision

Final Subdivision Permit Application

Zoning Lot Covenant

Zoning Lot Covenant

Land Use Inquiry

Land Use Verification

Land Use Verification Application

Lot Confirmation

Lot Confirmation Application

Pre-Application Meeting Request

Pre Application Meeting Request

Legislative/Municipal Code Related Applications

Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application

Multi-Family Property Tax Exemption

Multifamily Property Tax Exemption Application

Municipal Code Amendment

Muncipal Code Amendment Application

PBIA Assessment Agreement

PBIA Assessment Agreement


Rezone Petition Application

Temporary Building Permit Fee Waiver

TBPFW Thumbnail

Overlay District Applications

Infill Overlay Zone

IOZ  Infill Overlay Zone

Planned Residential Development - Preliminary

PRD Preliminary Planned Residential Development

Final Overlay Zone

OVRF Final Overlay Zone
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