Can I have an AirBNB, VRBO, or other short-term rental on my property?

Short Term Rentals through companies like AirBNB and VRBO have grown in significant popularity over the last ten years. Many property owners are curious as to the rules on how they can have one in their home. Short Term Rentals are outright permitted in the following zones: 

  • RMD – Residential, Medium Density
  • RHD – Residential, High Density
  • CN – Commercial, Neighborhood
  • CSD – Community Shopping District
  • CBD – Central Business District
  • CA – Commercial, Arterial 

They can also be allowed in the CO – Commercial, Office zoning district through a Conditional Use Permit. If you’re in this zone and interested in having a Short-Term Rental, please contact City Staff on how to obtain the proper permits. 

If you’re in the Residential, Low Density, or Industrial zoning districts such as the R7, R9, R11, IL, or IH, this type of use is not allowed as a permitted or conditional use. 

You can identify the zone your property is within by following the instructions in the "What Zone is My Property In" FAQ in the Planning Division Section. 

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