How can I check my zoning?

Click here to access the ArcGIS Multi-Use Map to identify the zone in which your property is located. You will be prompted to check a box on the lower left side of your screen, agreeing to terms and conditions. Then click “Ok.” 

For further instructions on how to use the ArcGIS Map, please click here.

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1. What is a Short-Term Rental?
2. What is a moratorium?
3. What does a limited moratorium on new short-term rentals mean?
4. How long is the limited moratorium in effect?
5. Where are short-term rentals allowed?
6. How can I check my zoning?
7. I think my short-term rental is in violation of City code. What do I do?
8. How do I report a short-term rental illegally operating or violating a City ordinance?
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