Do I need a permit to open a business in my home?

This depends on several factors, including which zone your home is located in. Some residential zones allow for the establishment of home occupations through an administrative conditional use permit process. With small-scale, residence-based business activity becoming more popular in the form of online retail stores, farmers market vendors, or small artisan craft operations, many Port Angeles residents are interested in undertaking small business activity in their homes. 

If you are interested in running a small business from your residence, you may need a permit authorizing the use. Some home occupations, listed in Section 17.17.030 PAMC, are considered exempt from the permit requirements applicable to other home occupations. Please read Chapter 17.17 PAMC to understand the City’s regulations applicable to an occupation or business undertaken within a dwelling unit located in a residential zone. If you are not sure whether your proposed business qualifies as a home occupation, please contact City Staff to discuss your venture and be prepared to provide details of its operation. If the business activity cannot be classified as a home occupation, it may be prohibited as a primary or accessory use in your zone. 

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