How do I know whether a use is permitted on my property?

Title 17 of the Port Angeles Municipal Code determines what uses can be permitted by right or conditionally in each of the City's zones. If you know which zone your property is located in, please navigate to the chapter in Title 17 PAMC dedicated to that zone for a list of permitted uses. Chapter 17.03 PAMC contains a list of zones in the City and identifies the corresponding chapter containing applicable regulations. 

Some uses are only permitted as accessory uses. For a use to qualify as an accessory use, it must be both subordinate and incidental to the principal use of the property. A use is to be considered accessory when it occupies less than 50 percent of a building's or lot's total square footage. There is no list of prohibited uses in Title 17 PAMC. If a use is not listed as permitted in a zone, either by right or conditionally, the use is considered to be prohibited in that zone. 

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