Do I need a permit to trim trees on my property?

You may need a permit to trim or remove trees on your property. Before commencing with any work, please ensure that the trees you want to trim or remove are not located in publicly owned right-of-way, within an environmentally sensitive or critical area, or within a designated buffer for a sensitive area such as a wetland, the marine bluff, stream ravine, or stream corridor. 

If the tree you are concerned with is located in the public right-of-way, it is considered a street tree and is subject to the regulations of Chapter 11.13 PAMC. More information about the pruning or removal of street trees is available here

You can locate the approximate boundaries of your property using the City’s Multi Use Map available here. Instructions for using the map tool can be viewed here. This map is for illustrative purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for accurate location of property lines in the field by a qualified professional. 

All vegetation management activity in any environmentally sensitive area must comply with the standards of Chapter 15.20 PAMC and may only occur following the issuance of an Environmentally Sensitive Area Permit or Development Exception. Tree topping is prohibited in environmentally sensitive areas.  

Before removing any tree or other vegetation located within the boundaries of private property, please be sure that the vegetation is not part of required landscaping for the site. 

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