How do I know if there is an environmentally sensitive area on my property?

What is an environmentally sensitive area? 

All environmentally sensitive areas are critical areas, but not all critical areas are considered environmentally sensitive areas for the purpose of determining which regulations apply. Critical areas include environmentally sensitive areas, wetlands, shorelines, beaches and associated coastal drift processes,  lands subject to the Port Angeles Shoreline Master Program, and their associated buffers. Environmentally sensitive areas include any of the following areas and their associated buffers: 

1. Aquifer recharge areas;

2. Streams or stream corridors;

3. Frequently flooded areas; 

4. Geologically hazardous areas, including erosion hazard areas, landslide hazard areas, and seismic hazard areas;

5. Habitat areas for priority species and species of concern; and

6. Locally unique features, including ravines, marine bluffs, and beaches and associated coastal drift processes.

What regulations apply in environmentally sensitive areas? 

All development proposed within or near an environmentally sensitive area is subject to the regulations and requirements of Chapter 15.20 of the Port Angeles Municipal Code, which is intended to protect environmentally sensitive areas in the City of Port Angeles. 

Section 15.20.040 PAMC explains how the location of an environmentally sensitive area must be determined. A field investigation performed by a qualified professional is the only way to determine environmentally sensitive area boundaries with certainty. 

What regulations apply in other types of critical areas?  

Other types of critical areas are subject to distinct regulations contained in Title 15 PAMC, as follows: 

Reminder: Please call 811 before you dig, regardless of the situation.

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