What are the requirements for placing a park model on my property?

The Port Angeles Municipal Code (PAMC) allows for a park model unit to be placed on a lot as an alternative to a traditional detached accessory dwelling unit in all zones where accessory dwelling units are an allowed accessory use, subject to certain criteria.  Ordinance No. 3710, amending portions of Title 17 PAMC, is available here and contains standards that all park model units must meet. These new standards applicable to park model units were adopted by the City Council on March 21, 2023. Prior to the adoption of Ordinance No. 3710, park model manufactured homes were prohibited in most locations in the City per Section 17.96.025 PAMC. Now, park models can be permitted as an alternative to a detached accessory dwelling unit in residential zones per the amended Section 17.21.020 PAMC, if all applicable state and local requirements are met.

The amended Section 17.21.020 PAMC contains nine development standards that all park models must meet in order to qualify as an acceptable alternative to a traditional accessory dwelling unit in the City. Any park model must be shown to comply with the requirements of Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Chapter 296-150P in order to be considered by the City as compliant with the new PAMC design standards applicable to park models. The City does not administer the standards contained in WAC Chapter 296-150P. Please contact the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries if you have any questions about the standards of WAC Chapter 296-150P. 

A building permit is required to enable the placement of a park model unit on a property. Building permit application forms are available at https://www.cityofpa.us/992/Building-Permits. You may find the guidance document available at https://cityofpa.us/DocumentCenter/View/8351/Making-a-Residential-Site-Plan helpful when preparing a site plan. If you have questions about building code requirements, the Building Division can be contacted using the contact information available at https://www.cityofpa.us/369/Building.

All park model units must be connected to municipal utilities. Standards regarding water, wastewater, and electrical connections are contained in Title 13 PAMC, administered by the Public Works & Utilities Department.

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