What are the benefits of Permit-Ready Plans?

Reduced Wait Times: When embarking on a project, you may need to wait anywhere between 1-4 months for engineers and architects to meticulously prepare your building plans. Permit-ready plans eliminate this waiting period entirely. These plans have already been developed by professionals and are consistent with Port Angeles Municipal Code (PAMC) 17.21 infill design standards.  

Streamlined Permit Approval: With permit-ready plans, you can avoid the potential complications of the standard permit review process, allowing you to start your project sooner. Permit-ready plans have undergone careful examination to ensure compliance with building codes and regulations. This means reduced wait times and an expedited permit approval.  

Cost Savings: Building plans are typically 5% – 20% of total construction costs. With permit-ready plans, both the building and engineering plans are completely free to all residents and builders.   

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7. What are the benefits of Permit-Ready Plans?
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